The purpose of vulnerability assessments is to identify, analyze, categorize, report, and remediate security vulnerabilities.

A working group focusing on UAV (unmaned aerial vehicles) and counter-UAV (C-UAV or CUAV) in public spaces is actively developing technical, tactical, and operational guidance for these modern capabilities.

First Responder Instructors and High-level operators meet on this working group to share best practices on how to respond to attacks by active attackers.

In order to better prevent mass casualties and terror attacks, it trains officers on their soft skills for dealing with incidents in the HRSN field and how to detect hostile behavior

This working group study, analyze and develop different methods used by the network members, aiming to have a better coordination and cooperation among public servers and other entities, as well as when working together on complex safety and security incidents using different chains of command, focusing on damage control and achieving the best outcome

-Explosives, firearms & “Low tech” attacks

Vehicle for ramming or knife for stabbing

Mass casualties

Knowledge sharing